Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine

2018 Annual Membership Meeting

November 9th & 10th
Lecture PowerPoints available upon request to meeting attendees.  Send an email request to askus1@lasmnet.org

Speakers                         Lecture Titles
Dr. Mohammad Cheema                                                                                  Pediatric Sleep & Disorders

Cheryl Needham                                                                                            1) Advanced PAP Modalities: ASV & NIV Standards
                 2) Tele-Monitoring of the Sleep Patient

Dr. Supat Thammasitboon                                                                                Sleep Medicine Gumbo 2018:                                                      Sleep Medicine Literature Review

Kathryn Hansen                                                                                             1) The Impact of Medications on the Sleep Study
                 2) CCSH Implementation into the Health System

Dr. Lowery Thompson                                                                                 1) Overview of 2016 AASM Accreditation Standards                         & Suggestions for Implementation
               2) EMR/EHR Optimization for Sleep Medicine

Wade Young
                   Quiz Bowl 2018

Sean Thompson
                  Top Sleep Technology & Gadgets for 2018

Dr. Kevin Hargrave
                 Sleep and the Immune System

Dr. Kevin McLaughlin
             Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation for CPAP Intolerant                 Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 5 Year Outcomes
                         (Dr. McLaughlin's powerpoint with videos
                            is to large to be sent by email)
                       (A copy is available with the videos removed)