Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine

Mission Statement

To further the understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, 
to provide a forum for communication and education of sleep professionals,
 and to promulgate the highest standards for polysomnograpy and the clinical diagnosis and
 treatment of sleep disorders, for the people of Louisiana
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Due on the 1st of October 2021.
All paid 2020 members will be honored until October 2021.

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2021 Individual
Membership Roster
Billings, Nancy
Bordelon, JY 
            Director at Large
Broneff, Alexandra
Broussard, Vicki
Chalmers, Jennie (Meeting Registered)
Cheema, Mohammad (Speaker)
             President askus1@lasmnet.org
Childs, Michelle
Conner, Phillip 
               Director at Large
Connolly, James (Speaker)
               Director at Large 
Credeur, Sarah 
               Director at Large 
Douglas, Jane  (Meeting Registered)
Faber, Brooke (Meeting Registered)
Foster, Kylie
Frederich, Renee (2019 1st Place Raffle)
Grimsley, Terry (Meeting Registered)
Guillory, Frances (Meeting Registered)
Hayes, Donnicka (Meeting Registered)
Hollier, Stacy (Meeting Registered) (Extra Ticket)
Key, Christine
Johnson, Jodi
Johnson, Joshua
               Director at Large 
Marcotte, Brooke 
               Membership Committee Social Media
Martelly, Geoffroy
McGrew, Tenecia
McGuire, Melissa (Meeting Registered)
McLaughlin, Kevin (Speaker)
Mouton, Rachel 
             Secretary secretary@lasmnet.org
North, Adam
Palmer, Alison
Payne, Tammy (Meeting Registered)
Schlegel, Dawn (2019 3rd Place Raffle)
Simon, Theresa
Sonnier, Johnna
Spindel, Lisa
Spyrer, Lori
            Treasurer treasurer@lasmnet.org
Thibodaux, Angus
Thompson, Lowery(Speaker)
Trahan, Kiesha (Meeting Registered)(Extra Ticket)
Willard, Judson
Young, Wade (Meeting Registered)
             Past - Presiden clickmaster1@lasmnet.org 
Zimmerman, Michelle
Organizational Members
2022 Memberships are due starting October 2021.