Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine

Mission Statement

To further the understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, 
to provide a forum for communication and education of sleep professionals,
 and to promulgate the highest standards for polysomnograpy and the clinical diagnosis and
 treatment of sleep disorders, for the people of Louisiana

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners


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Continuing Education Requirements
Effective January 2021

All LSBME licensees (with the exception of Acupuncture, Physician Assistant and Genetic Counselor categories) will be required to use the continuing education tracker, CE Broker, to track their annual hours of continuing education.  

To create a free account with CE broker, go to 
Signup for a new account (ignore the 7 day free trial)

If you need assistance with creating the account, or loading your documents, please contact CE Broker directly via telephone at (877) 434-6323 or via email at support@CEBroker.com. 

Because the board suspended the requirement for CE/CME for 2020, no one will be audited for that year.  However, any CE/CME that you did take during 2020 that occurs in a 12 month period before your 2021 renewal may be counted toward the 2021 requirement.  

As stated in prior emails from the LSBME, 2021 is phasing in the requirements for most practitioners 2 hours/month when their renewal is due.

For Additional information and FAQs regarding CE Broker, 

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners

License Renewal Information.

The LSBME uses LaMED DashBoard for license renewals.
License renewals open when you are within 
8 weeks of your expiration date.

Use this link to go to LaMED DashBoard