Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine
Volunteer for a Committee
We are always looking for more volunteers.  
If you would like to join a committee, Please fill out the volunteer form below and email it to askus1@lasmnet.org
We are forming a Committee to review and update the LASM Bylaws.  If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact us at askus1@lasmnet.org
Committee Chairperson's duties

 *  The Chairperson of each Committee shall confer promptly with the members of the committee on work assignments and may recommend prospective committee members to the President.  

 * The Chairperson shall submit a written report to the President and Secretary of the Society at least ten (10) days prior to each Board of Directors meeting.
Committee duties
Election & Nominations Committee
 1) Shall prepare, receive, verify and tabulate ballots
 2) Shall prepare a slate of officers for the annual election
 3) Shall make the final appraisal of the candidates
 4) Shall notify elected persons prior to the annual meeting

Membership Committee
 1) Shall consist of one member of the Board of Directors & two (2) regular members
 2) Shall recruit members and verify & assign a classification of membership

Education & Program Committee
 1) Shall be so constructed as to provide experienced members for the program (i.e. annual meeting, CEU/CME courses) and to provide plans for education

Judicial Committee
 1) Shall consist of four (4) members
 2) Shall review written complaints against any Academy member charged with violation of the bylaws

Publications Committee
 1) Shall consist of a Past President and members appointed for a two (2) year term
 2) Shall publish an Academy newsletter and all other publications of the Academy
 3) Shall create an LASM website and appoint a member to maintain the website