Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine

Mission Statement

To further the understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, 
to provide a forum for communication and education of sleep professionals,
 and to promulgate the highest standards for polysomnograpy and the clinical diagnosis and
 treatment of sleep disorders, for the people of Louisiana

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners has waived the CEU requirements for
2020 license renewals.

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Notice to Licensees re Continuing Education Requirements

Effective January 2021, all LSBME licensees (with the exception of Accupuncture, Physician Assistant and Genetic Counselor categories) will be required to use our continuing education tracker to track their annual hours of continuing medical education (CME) or continuing professional education (CPE).  During the Covid-19 emergency, the board suspended its annual requirements for continuing education for the 2020 renewal year.  The 2021 renewals cycle will arrive soon, and we will operate on a slightly different system as we transition to the new system.

Beginning in January, we will be pro-rating your CE requirements for renewal on a one-time basis in order to give licensees a chance to catch up after the disruption during the pandemic.  Licensees who renew in January must have completed 2 hours of professional education in the last 12 months in order to renew.  For February renewals, licensees must have 4 hours, March renewals 6 hours, and so on.  By the time licensees with October dates enter the renewal system, they should have all 20 hours (if physicians, other licensee groups require fewer hours).  All licensees must meet this schedule of completion of hours, regardless of profession.

All licensees are required to enroll in the continuing education tracker.  To do so, please click https://cebroker.com/la/plans. All licensees may enroll in the zero cost option; those who wish to have more services attached to the tracker may opt for another plan.

Thank you.


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