Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine
LASM Board of Directors
next meeting will be December 5, 2019 at 5 pm
President  - Fr. Wade S. J. Young, LRPSGT, RST clickmaster1@lasmnet.org

Past President - Vacant

President Elect - Mohammad Cheema, MD

Secretary - Rachel Mouton, LRPSGT 

Treasurer - Lori Speyrer, BS

Directors at Large - 
                                 JY Bordelon, MD
                                 Joshua Johnson, LRPSGT
                                 Phillip Conner, MD
                                 Sarah Credeur, LRPSGT
                                 James Connolly, MD

Committee Chairpersons & Members
{Elections/Nominations Committee} elections@lasmnet.org
Sean Thompson (Chairperson)
Angela Richardson
James Connolly

{Judicial Committee} judicial@lasmnet.org
Melissa Boutte (Chairperson)
Jodi Johnson
Rachel Besson
Gay Bourgois

{Education/Planning Committee} education@lasmnet.org
Austin Rivera (Chairperson)
James Connolly
Blair Landry
Gerald Houston
Emily Doga
Katina Duplantis

{Publications Committee} newsletter@lasmnet.org
Brooke LeGros (Chairperson)
Sarah Credeur (Board Member)
Mohammad Cheema
Brooke Marcotte (Social Media)

{Membership Committee} memberlasm@lasmnet.org
Tenecia McGrew (Chairperson)
Robert Schoendorf
Chase Ranlett
Michelle Childs
Pamela Pitre
Palmer, Pamela
Joshua Johnson (Board Member)