Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine

Mission Statement

To further the understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, 
to provide a forum for communication and education of sleep professionals,
 and to promulgate the highest standards for polysomnograpy and the clinical diagnosis and
 treatment of sleep disorders, for the people of Louisiana
 is not subject to the Open Meetings Law. However, If you are interested in attending any of our meetings, Just contact us for more information.
LASM Board of Directors
Next meeting will be on October 30th at the
 Annual Meeting of the Members

If you would like to attend, please email us at askus1@lasmnet.org for more information.
Election ballots are being tallied now.  \Results will be presented at the 2021 Meeting of the Members
President  - Mohammad Cheema, MD (2021-2022)

Past President - Fr. Wade S. J. Young, LRPSGT, RST (2021)

President Elect - Vacant

Secretary - Rachel Kinnerson, LRPSGT (2019-2021)

Treasurer - Lori Speyrer, BS (2019-2021)

Director at Large A1 - JY Bordelon, MD (2019-2021)

Director at Large B1 - Joshua Johnson, LRPSGT (2019-2021)

Director at Large A2 - Phillip Conner, MD (2019-2021)

Director at Large C1 - Sarah Credeur, LRPSGT (2020-2022)

Director at Large D1 - James Connolly, MD (2020-2022)

Committee Chairpersons & Members

Join a Committee.
  It's a great way to work up to being a 
Board Member

New Committee Members to be appointed
after the 2021 Meeting
{Elections/Nominations Committee} elections@lasmnet.org
Sean Thompson (Chairperson)
Angela Richardson
James Connolly Director5@lasmnet.org

{Judicial Committee} judicial@lasmnet.org

{Education/Planning Committee} education@lasmnet.org

{Publications Committee} newsletter@lasmnet.org

{Membership Committee} memberlasm@lasmnet.org