Louisiana Academy of Sleep Medicine
LASM Board of Directors

Interim President  - Lowery Thompson, MD

Past President - Chris Harr, LRPSGT

President Elect - 

Secretary - Wade Young, LRPSGT, RST

Treasurer - Gay Bourgeois, LRPSGT, RST, CSE, CCSH

Directors at Large - 
                                 JY Bordelon, MD
                                 Rachel Mouton, LRPSGT
                                 Lori Speyrer, BS
                                 Supat Thammasitboon, MD
                                 Kyle Schwab, MD

Committee Chairpersons
Election & Nominations Committee - Sean Thompson, LRPSGT

Membership Committee - Rachel Mouton, LRPSGT

Publications Committee - Wade Young, LRPSGT, RST

Judicial Committee - Sean Thompson, LRPSGT

Education & Program Committee - Melissa Boutte, LRPSGT